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About Phull Holdings

Phull Holdings is a dynamic investment firm that supports innovative and customer-focused businesses. The companies with which it invests provide high quality products and services across a wide range of industries. Founded by Patrick Hull, a serial entrepreneur and angel investor, Phull Holdings is committed to creating partnerships with startups, entrepreneurs, creative individuals, and businesses that are passionate about great ideas.

Phull Holdings currently has investments in more than 30 companies that span a variety of industries, including transportation, technology, entertainment, real estate, restaurants, energy, finance, insurance, and mobile applications.

About Patrick Hull

Patrick Hull is a serial entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience launching successful companies. Best known as the founder and CEO of, he revolutionized the transportation and logistics industry with the creation of a freight matching service for long-haul truckers. His innovative approach and integration of technology transformed the trucking sector. Hull has a passion for marketing innovations and has a history of identifying and implementing new approaches that improve existing business processes and generate significant value.

Among his current ventures, Hull is a founder of FreightGuard, which provides cargo/gap insurance for the trucking industry; Phull Entertainment, which is involved in festivals, concert promotions, artist development and management, and music publishing; Scoop Monkey, which provides reputation management services; Hull Properties, which owns homes, condos, and commercial space for lease; Salebug, which develops mobile applications; Phull Energy, which represents mineral and natural gas rights; and others. He also serves as an angel investor for start-up companies.

He has a wide range of international business experience and his areas of expertise include marketing, joint venture negotiations, corporate development, and strategic planning. As a business owner and investor, he controls financial interests in more than 30 companies. These companies span a variety of industries, including transportation, technology, entertainment, real estate, restaurants, energy, finance, insurance, and mobile applications.

Hull understands the importance of serving as a community steward and supporting the important work of many charities. In addition to supporting local, national, and global charities as a patron and benefactor, he founded The Hull Foundation in 2009 which distributes gifts to various charitable causes. He also brings an entrepreneurial approach to his many philanthropic endeavors, most notably Richmond Unite. Hull founded Richmond Unite in 2010 as a fundraising vehicle for local charities in Richmond, VA. The organization takes an entrepreneurial and business-like approach to its fundraising and awareness efforts. In its inaugural year, Richmond Unite supported more than two dozen charities and it continues to grow.


Pat Hull donates 70 tablets to the Virginia Boys and Girls Home.




Writings about entrepreneurism: the good, the bad & everything else.
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On the road recently I've been meeting with a number of entrepreneurs. One conversation in particular sticks with me and it was with an individual who is attempting to start a new company. This person has a stable "day job" but his passion lies elsewhere and he is working in his own time to create a new company that he believes will be successful and fulfilling.

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Debunking Entrepreneurial Myths: I Need More Money!

Last week we discussed the popular myth that you need to have a world-changing idea before you start a business. I talked about the need to know the industry you are trying to get into and look for ways to improve it or make life easier for people in it, rather than inventing the next revolutionary technology. If you find a problem and develop an easy way to solve it, your business will have a good shot at success.

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Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

Every successful entrepreneur I know is also an avid reader. Most are regulars in business aisle at their local bookstore and are devoted readers of Forbes and other business publications. Successful entrepreneurs are typically hungry for knowledge and there is a wealth of it to tap into. With the start of a new year, here are some great books that will either inspire, instruct or maybe do a little of both. So if you're looking for a book to read on an upcoming business trip, or are looking for a little extra motivation for 2014, here are some books that I found helpful recently, especially when I've faced business challenges.

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